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SuperBook Sportsbook Review


Founded in 1986, SuperBook is a sportsbook operator with offices in Nevada and several other states. The original SuperBook sportsbook is located at the Las Vegas Hilton. In July 2021, SuperBook received a sports betting license from the Nevada Department of Gaming, which allows the operator to operate in the state. Since then, SuperBook has expanded to six states in the United States. Its market has expanded to include Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Arizona. Today, SuperBook’s sportsbook offers a variety of events, including live betting and in-play betting markets.

SuperBook offers the largest wagering menu in Nevada. This includes standard game outcome wagers, game props, and other wagers. During live in-play events, SuperBook provides real-time odds on game props and standard game outcome wagers. SuperBook also offers a mobile app for its customers to bet on sporting events. Its mobile app offers a clean interface and comprehensive league coverage.

SuperBook’s customer service is top-notch. The operator provides customers with odds that are competitive and reliable. The sportsbook also offers a variety of risk management services and statistical information. During SuperContest, which is the company’s flagship handicapping contest, SuperBook provides players with the opportunity to win up to $1.5 million every year. The SuperBook mobile app also offers players a chance to participate in state-level contests. In some states, such as Nevada, customers can also take advantage of a SuperBook bonus.

The Westgate SuperBook is one of the largest sportsbooks in Las Vegas. It features a 220×18 foot video wall, 350 seats, free Wi-Fi, and a full bar. The sportsbook also offers a wide selection of betting markets and virtual field and court displays. The Westgate SuperBook also has one of the most comprehensive sports betting menus in the United States. The SuperBook sportsbook offers over 2,000 betting lines on over 200 games, including NFL, college basketball, and tennis. It also offers a variety of wagering markets on day-to-day sporting events.

The Westgate SuperBook also has a sportsbook mobile app. The app provides players with access to SuperBook’s wagering menu, as well as an extensive player props list. Players can find game props such as whether a specific player will score the last touchdown of the game. Also, there are props that cover a wide variety of stats, such as total QB passing yards, and whether a specific player will make the last field goal of the game.

The Westgate SuperBook also has one of Nevada’s most competitive betting lines. Unlike other Nevada sportsbooks, Westgate SuperBook is able to offer odds that are better than the competition. For instance, in the most recent NFL game, SuperBook listed 140 player props. In addition to these props, the sportsbook also offers odds on the total number of QB passing yards, whether a particular player will make a particular touchdown, and whether a particular team will win the game.

The SuperBook mobile app is an extension of the sportsbook in Las Vegas. It is a popular sportsbook, and it offers many player props that are unavailable at other sportsbooks. It is also one of the largest wagering menus in Nevada, with more than 1,500 betting lines available.

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